The One Caveat

A few weeks after writing the blog post “Be Ubiquitous” and a few more field experiences I decided I needed to add a little caveat to the rule.

I know what many of you are thinking “Dang Eric, you just wrote that piece, on a brand-new blog and you are reneging on your principles already?”

You couldn’t be any further from the truth.

I still standby the principles in “Be Ubiquitous”, the importance of not being arrogant in any interaction with the opposite sex, and the importance of a high value man being able to attract women, on multiple platforms and based on multiple preferences; this was the general premise I was trying to implant in the minds of men everywhere. Because let’s face: Its 2017 and there are only some many people you can meet going about your everyday routine.  The world is digital, and it is best to put yourself in position to shoot your shot, in as many places as you can.

ALWAYS. Shoot your shot (even when this happens).


The one caveat I want men to consider, is the instance where you’ve met a woman in person and attempt to number close, yet she directs you to Direct Messenger (DMs).  If you remember, this was the original scenario that occurred with the first girl I met in “Be Ubiquitous”.  This may very well be just another shit test to see how you respond, but the main thing you should consider is this: She may not want you to have it in the first place.

If you had to categorized the levels of approaching a woman, I would put them as hot, warm, and cold with varying levels within those categories. Warm approach may be someone you get introduced to through a common social circle. Hot approach being someone whom you have a high degree of familiarity with, that you see on a consistent basis at work or in school. Cold approach being through social media, dating sites, or randomly going about life, which is what we are discussing currently.

In terms of cold approaches, face-to-face interactions are your best shot.  In that moment, you can display your strengths and personality, and evade the many barriers and guards that are present when cold approaching someone through the internet. If in that instance, when putting your best foot forward, and she decides instead of giving you direct access via phone number, she wants you to fight and claw through a sea of DMs like the hundreds and thousands of other comment dwellers and bottom-feeders. You should be pondering if this is the woman to be dealing with.

Cater to every avenue, yet be able to recognize when you are being given the run-around.


Remember high value men are the exception to the rule. It is through your value that mutual interest sparks. You should always be striving for mutual interest, and through my years, I’ve come to know what that looks like.

Exile to DM land, is not mutual interest.

Weather Your Storm, Maintain Inner Reign -E

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