The High Value Man

I have referenced the term, ‘high value man’, in several pieces without much of an explanation.

If the term in context of the previous blogs may have missed you, a high value man is simply a person viewed as an attractive candidate to the opposite sex due to a myriad of factors, but most commonly associated with physical appearance, popularity/fame, and wealth.


Alpha male is also a term used to describe this type of individual.  Those who have been in the realm of the “manosphere” for years, are familiar with the term, and this blog is designed to get you to be as high value of a man as possible.  The first step is adopting the mindset; confidence is essential but it goes beyond that.

I was having a conversation with a good friend of mine recently and he begged the question: “In my opinion, how do you define success?”

I answered him truthfully, “Anything that enhances your ‘wealth’ in a particular area, I would define as being successful; moreover, that could be wealth of knowledge, wealth financially, wealth spiritually, etc.”

In a perfect world, that would be how everyone would views success. You focus on intangible wealth: knowledge, growth as an individual, growth spiritually, and you live with whatever the outcome is.

But alas, we know that’s not what society values at first glance.

Society values tangible success above all else, and do you know why?


Tangible success is instantly recognizable; we know it the moment we see it, touch it.  It is the social proof that a person does something very well. Society in many developed countries are results-driven, ultimately, it’s did you succeed or did you fail?  Of course, we know there is so much more that goes into it but it’s often overlooked.

Women will notice a handsome man instantly, a man that wears an Armani suit or drives a six-figure luxury vehicle, a famous person walks into a room, and captivates every eye.

Its undeniable value that requires no words.

Women aren’t twerking on the guy that got an A on his physics test.

They aren’t flocking towards the guy in the strip club that just made that cool spreadsheet document at work today.


We expect people to be intelligent, interesting, and be of high moral standing; but what did those things produce for you? Were you able to bear fruit from your talents? Monetize off your efforts?

Potential is nice, but results are better.  I spoke on this idea in the blog, “Better to Build Alone Than Together” regarding being with a person just because of what they ‘potentially’ bring.  Potential gets you beat, results determine winners and losers, plain and simple.

These are the ideas you need to be thinking about because, unless you are high value or just happen to be a person’s natural attraction, you are fighting an uphill battle, to prove why someone should choose to invest in you.



Weather Your Storm, Maintain Inner Reign -E

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