Is the Traditional “1-10” Scale Outdated?

The first blog posted on Inner Reign was Rational and Emotional Attributes – The Relationship Version”

The post was created to ensure high value men were made aware that investing in a person, should be seen in the same light as an employer investing in a prospective employee.  To elaborate further, a high value man should make the connection that, employers not only want the skill set on the resume (rational attributes) but the qualities of an emotionally intelligent person (emotional attributes).  Therefore, high value men should also look beyond the rational attribute presented in the initial stage (physical appearance), and instead seek the emotional attributes (affable, team player, supportive, etc.) that lie within.

After writing that piece, I thought to myself. . .

This would mean the highly coveted “Dime” is no longer the peak of the scale.


If you factor in emotional attributes, even a person at the apex of physical appeal, would only measure up to about fifty percent, which is accurate. How many superficial individuals have we met, that fell on the upper echelon of the physical scale, during our journey of gaming?

With the inclusion of emotional attributes, the “Dub” (20) ((W)inning) (urban dictionary the term) is the new dime.  At a certain point, the physical aspects register to you obviously (as this is the first thing we notice), but shouldn’t even affect your outward demeanor to the world. The one thing I can’t stand is to see dudes that act like they’ve never seen a bad chick before in their life.


Now, this begs the question. . .how do I know I have stumbled across a Dub?

Well, much like a man’s taste in physical qualities, this is going to depend on emotional attributes matter to you the most.

The last ten points on the emotional attribute scale are allocated like this: 5= “deal breaker” 3= “moderately important” 2= “icing on the cake.”

My 5 pointer is has always been “continued mutual interest”.  We live in the society where we lose interest INSANELY fast; am I the person that ALWAYS initiating conversations, outings, etc.?  If I fell off the face of the earth, would they even breathe in my direction?  That’s my cue, I may not be that person’s ideal or first option, or maybe they just aren’t in that place for something serious.

That’s my deal breaker.

Now if you are an individual who likes their space, enjoys companionship but also want room to every now and then, a person hitting you up often won’t be as high on your emotional attribute list.

Maybe you’re a someone who looks for a partner who will carry their weight financially; someone hilarious or exhibits humility.  Either way I think this will go a long way in narrowing your focus on what you value and cherish in someone.

Now, this is going to make your scope very narrow and specific, but that’s ok.  It going to be a mix of knowing exactly what want, and being patient enough for the stars to align for you.


Weather Your Storm, Maintain Inner Reign -E

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