Read the Cue Cards

It was around noon when I took my normal cross-facility walk to the cafeteria.

Somewhere between deciding between pizza and salad (pizza won out), I noticed Dominique grabbing a fountain drink.

Finding Dominique to be quite enchanting, I went over to introduce myself, run my standard game and asked for her number.

There was a slight hesitation (red flag), but obliged and gave it to me.

Shortly after I sent a text with my name for her to lock me in. . . no response.

Later, I went back over to the building where the cafeteria and shops were to pick up my dry cleaning, where lo and behold, I find Dominique face down in her phone, she looked up and smiled.

“Gotta read the cue cards, Eric” I said ignoring her as she walked by.

Growing up I remember hearing all that cliché notions that women like to play hard to get, women send mix signals, and like to play games.

From my experiences, that’s not the case:  Women know what they want and don’t want instantly, and can express disinterest many different ways, men just ignore the signs.

Body language, tone or inflection of voice, and often . . .silence, sends the clearest message of them all.

In game, there is a point within male-female interactions called the “hook point”; this is where at a point in the interaction, there is enough interest in you as the male, that you are able to make your move to close.

Inversely, there must be an unhook point as well.  When I approach, I pay attention to eye contact, the shifting of her weight as she stands, the way she handles being complimented, as indicators of whether a foundation can be built, or I’m just wasting my time.


There was a period, when I KNEW someone was taken or not biting on the bait being thrown, within the first two sentences, but I was just so determined to finish the interaction, to win the person over.


The brand of your game must match that of someone who is High Value.

Therefore, as soon as I know it’s a waste of time, I walk away. Sometimes mid-sentence.

I approach someone, and they act like they don’t hear me. Walk away.

I approach politely, and someone acts like it’s an inconvenience. Walk away.

I ask for your number and they hit with “No. but I can give you my—-“. Walk away.

I approach her with a group of friends and they start to act silly. Calmly tell them to GROW UP.  Then walk away.

I send a text that is not responded to timely. Delete the number



I am not your play thing.

I’m not here to make friends.

I’m not here to be another phone contact.

I’m not here to boost your social media counter.

I move with a purpose, my time is precious, I have better things to do. My future wife is going to be of the same meddle. Plain and Simple.

I have been in the position where I have put other people first, put potential partners first, put women first.

Once you’ve had your heartbroken a couple times, you learn to adopt this mindset, and sadly, not enough dudes maintain this level of frame.

I have talked about this in previous blog posts; male-female interactions are no different than “supply and demand”.

Women of this era have made it clear, they have no problem dating multiple people.  They have the supply in their favor and what do men continue to do?

Make themselves overly available.

Fall into the “friend zone”.

Biding their time until “ONE DAY” a woman will see you as relationship material.

I recently read another post on WordPress, about a woman who kept uploading the same picture in order to get 100 likes.

Men, you are just used as a measuring stick, validation. . .

How do you remove a person in a position of power?

You cut off their source of strength, you make them feel guilty for having the power in the first place.

High Value men are not a source of abundance

High Value men are a rare commodity, who move respecting others, and wants the same in return.

Sadly, there are too many men playing white knight, and putting on capes for this type of behavior.

But I know the breed of male influence I want to create won’t fall for such foolishness.


Stop wasting your time.

Read the Cue Cards.

(Rare Footage of a Male Cue Card Below)

images (3)


Weather Your Storm, Maintain Inner Reign -E

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