The Two Types of Game

Through my past experiences, I recently came to a realization around the social dynamics of male-female interactions, specifically around the way men’s priorities evolve.

Simply put, there are two types of game:

  • Adaptable Game (Discovery Phase)
  • Branded Game (Social Progressive Phase)

Adaptive Game is where a man pays close attention to what makes up a woman’s individuality, and caters to that in order to get with her, even when those elements counter what he embodies to be important.

In a sense, a man plays the chameleon, blending in, biding his time, until opportunity arises.

The funny thing about people in general, is that when encountering a stranger, we love to say, “well you don’t know me”; however, we leave subtle clues and hints about ourselves, because deep down inside, we desire companionship.

We WANT to let someone into our hearts.

We WANT people to notice us, because our favorite topic is ourselves.


Before I approach a person, I take in as much as I can: The Fitbit watch on their wrist, body language, attire, the book they may be looking for, or the type of coffee they order, if they have a pet, or children, if they smoke, etc. etc.

EVERYTHING is a weapon, to a man that knows game


This is a good way to cast a wide net.  Adaptable Game is self-explanatory, you are augmenting your style to the woman you are approaching.  This is a great way to find out what attributes you like and dislike in a woman, and can help you to enjoy the strengths of each woman you encounter.

But alas, eventually, this will grow old to you.

DO NOT confuse a woman you pull with Adaptable Game, with a woman that you could potentially pull with Branded Game.

Branded Game is the game that Inner Reign embodies.


Inner Reign is all about social progression, it is about High Value Men, who choose their mates to be their equal, to procreate and further their lineage, their society.

Branded Game means you are in sync with yourself, in harmony with your brand, and what you project to the world with that image.

Branded Game requires you to be VERY selective.

Branded Game means you acknowledge there’s more than a woman than her looks, delving beyond the rational attributes and focusing on the emotional attributes.

Branded Game means you are NOT an option. You are the rare commodity.

It requires you to maintain frame, and to even implement a one strike rule when need be.

Because we are not here to make mistakes, we are meant to grow and enhance our people.

NEVER be apologetic for it either.

I have encountered many attractive women, who, just didn’t fit the mold of what I was looking for. I could have adapted, I could have played the game a little longer. . .

If she’s open to posting on FB waking up in another man’s shirt (a week after being with me). . .do I need to state the obvious?


But that’s when you have to worry about dodging bullets, and it’s all fun and games until that bullet hits you.

I recently ran into this Black/Native American chick I used to talk, to shortly after my divorce.

We caught up, exchanged numbers at a local diner, and spoke again. . .rehashing old issues from why we fell off before.

I remember vividly, her asking me “Do you think me being married, had something to do with the way I approached dating?”

And. . . I admitted that was the case, but I was almost. . . apologetic about it. . . and I regret it.

Because I am selective, because I only want a future with someone with has the potential to be my everything, OF COURSE I’m going to approach it like I want to marry that person.

I’m going to let it be known that I want you around, that I want you to be my everything, and vice versa.

I will NEVER apologize for that.

I think about people in the past that I have dealt with, and I am not the least bit sorry it didn’t work out, no matter how attractive they were physically.

Yes, there is some pride mixed in, but it’s the bigger picture that matters.

A woman that will communicate appropriately, that is just as invested as I am, that considers the male desire to be affectionate and it not be seen as a hindrance; a woman to be claimed, that is compassionate and views the undertaking of grooming our next generation as an important endeavor.

I’ll be single ten times over before I settle for bullshit.

BRANDED GAME is where you want to be gentlemen, and the sooner you reach that pinnacle of game, the more efficient you will be, the more selective you will be, and the more you will appreciate when you’ve found the woman you never fathomed existing.


I understand the importance of finding out what you truly want and desire, so I don’t want to complete discourage the components of Adaptive Game.

Just BE CAREFUL.  Transition to Branded Game as soon as possible, and find your that ONE woman you can invest in that fits the mold.


Weather Your Storm, Maintain Inner Reign -E

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