Flakes, Disappointments, and the “One-Strike” Rule

Don’t you hate when your left on “read” on social media?

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It’s like a woman took the time to accept your request, read it, and said “Yea I read your message, fuck you.”


You pull the number of the coldest chick in the room. . .

Only for her to act like you don’t exist the next day when you text her. . .

Or even worse, this you’re talking to a prospective partner for a few days, you make plans to meet up for dinner, or drinks.

And she flakes. . . no-call no-show.



We’ve all been there, and I believe these behaviors contributed to a major problem in male-female interactions today.


Today’s woman has more dating options and validation than ever before.

To the point that she can flake, leave you on “read”, respond to you as she feels with no consequence.

She’s juggling 8 dudes pretending to be her “friend”, she has 1300 DMs between 5 social media and dating apps.

Validation Galore.

To the gentlemen reading this post I have always preached about the behaviors of our female counterparts, and how it’s time for High Value Men to settle the score and swing the pendulum back in our favor.

The first thing a man has to realize, is that flakes, disappointments, and poor response times are not the end of the world.

That just means you get time back to work on your endeavors to be a High Value Man.

A woman flakes on you? WONDERFUL!!! AWESOME!!! It’s proven that they are the biggest time wasters next to standing to get into a club or waiting in lines at the DMV.


Your attitude should be “that’s great, now I have time to work on myself.”

When I get flaked on, I turn my attention to my writing. I go to the gym. I turn on my work laptop and work on documentation from my 9 to 5.

I look to be PRODUCTIVE.

I’ve spoken in previous blogs that every moment in the day is critical, in bettering yourself, where others fall short.  It allows you to progress THE MISSION.

The furthering of your craft, your lineage, the society as a whole.

The other reason this phase shift in attitude is necessary, is because too often, we as men make poor, destructive decisions when we are met with adversity or disappointment.

You cannot allow for negative emotions to impact your decision-making; especially stemming from a female who couldn’t care less whether you take your next breath.

Gentlemen. . .embrace your PRIDE.

Secondly, women should be made to realize that you are not a form of validation.

You are the rare commodity

You are the High Value Man.

If you are like me, and have zero tolerance for foolish, you cut all ties.

I delete prior messages, I register numbers as spam, I block people

My time is precious, and you will be made to realize this with whoever you deal with next.

I have no problem playing teacher, because there are PLENTY of fish in the sea.

High Value Men know what MUTUAL INTEREST and EFFORT looks like.

I call this my “One Strike” Rule

You get one chance. . .

I don’t approach for my health, I didn’t get your number just because.

We live in an era where we use our phones as wallets, deactivate alarms, entertainment.

We look at our phones over 100 times a day, if someone is too busy to take two seconds to respond. . .fuck em.

It will be difficult, but you will be more selective and find the person who will really cherish your presence.

Now. . . if the person you are dealing with is someone you REALLY want to keep around. That’s fine too.

You just have to teach her that your time is precious too.

The same length of time you deemed to be unreasonable to respond, you do the same to them.

For some reason, American culture doesn’t appreciate the constant.

We don’t like someone who is always there.

We like what is fleeting.

We like what is difficult to obtain.

That is what a High Value Man should embody.


I pray you find that woman who is just absolutely entranced by your aura.

A woman who simply enjoys sharing the same ambiance as you.

But alas, that’s not the time that we live in.

Women have options galore, and the majority of men don’t mind hovering around them.

Staying abundant.

Waiting for a chance that will more than likely never come.

Inner Reign wants High Value Men walking this earth.

It’s not enough to think you’re High Value, you must put in the work in your craft to be a rare commodity.

That is what makes you undeniable.


Weather Your Storm, Maintain Inner Reign -E

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