An Ode to the Creators


As far back I can remember, I have always been fascinated by those who communicate in such a way that evoke an overwhelming sense of emotion or inspiration.

Animorphs books from the Scholastic book fair, poetry from Robert Frost, “All Her Love” from Donnell Jones.  Whenever I experience a piece of art that moves me, I can’t help but to utter the same phrase:

“How did someone think to write this?”


I have so much respect for those who manipulate the English language in ways never thought of.  I am stricken with awe when I think of what creative space an individual had to enter to reach their finished work.

I often listen to the lyrics of an artist by the name of Ka, and while he may not excite many with his form of delivery, no sentence is wasted.

Every line is well-thought out and impactful.


You see there is always a story to be told behind a creator’s work; a story of craftsmanship.

It tells me this isn’t a person that see their craft as just work.

A person that doesn’t put out a finished product for the fame, and the attention.

For the Instagram likes or the followers.

It’s to leave an imprint on this earth with every word formed.

To inspire and stir the emotions of every pen or key stroke.

That is the influence I wish to leave on this earth, and I hear that same driving force in Ka’s music.

Over the past year or so I’ve been following the Joe Budden podcast, as they have become a staple in breaking down hip-hop culture.

Over the past three years, Joe and his crew has put up their own resources to consistently deliver credible content.

Slowly building a fan base.

How patient would you be to do something you love for FREE, waiting on the perfect opportunity to come?

After Joe’s last album deal ended, he inquired with labels to see what he could garner as an artist, and they felt he was only worth a $250,000 advance.

Nearly 13 years in the rap game, and a solid following, was only worth $250K to labels.

A person who felt they were worth more, sought to engender something that he could call his own.

He now has his podcast on Spotify and a show on Revolt.

I have so much respect for his story and so many others.

I wrote this ode for him and many others out there.

Creators, active and dormant, CREATE.

Start that blog, get that podcast going, write that book, pound out that script.

Morph the world as you see fit.

For those just starting out and for those many years in.

Don’t let passionate flames for a world with your work in it die down.

See it all the way through.

Paid or unpaid I guarantee you will be fulfilled beyond your wildest dreams.

Create. Beautifully.


Weather Your Storm, Maintain Inner Reign -E

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