The Energy You Keep

I’ve expressed the benefits of surrounding yourself with a positive influence many times on this platform.

I’ve normally talked about it from the perspective of upward mobility in a career, or innovated thought for entrepreneurship.

However today I wish to discuss this from an emotional level.

I know we’re all human, we go through trying times but I’m sure you have those friends who just ALWAYS have some drama going on in their lives.

Maintain a momentum of positive energy, and lend to others wisely.


For me I would always hate when a woman I was dating would introduce negativity in the relationship, just because of what their friend was going through.

And vice versa, in a past life I would often let my parents’ dysfunctional relationship troubles rub off on me, and it often be whomever I was dating that paid for it.

So, the lesson seems pretty simple right?

Men don’t let the failed relationships of your parents or friends make you unsure of what you really want.

Women don’t let what your girlfriend is going through cause you to be overbearing in your relationship.

While those things are helpful, I think the bigger take away is all about self-possession.


Mantain a momentum of positive energy, and lend to others wisely.

While we want to develop a benevolent nature towards our friends and family, we must retain our core emotional energy.

I had this thought the other day.

I’ve been working in the financial services industry since I graduated from undergrad.

I was taking a training on Fair Lending practices and made note of something.

It can possibly be a violation of regulation for an employee to discourage you from applying for a credit product or loan.

Think about this for a moment.

Its can be a violation for someone from discourage you from your hopes and dreams.

With that being said, why on earth would you let someone’s negative energy discourage you from peace in your heart or love in your home.

Regardless of outside stimuli

Retain yourself self-possession.


Weather Your Storm, Maintain Inner Reign -E.

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