The Selling of a Dream

It is undeniable, and largely unaccountable, the amount of money circulating through the U.S. economy that stems from patronizing the fantasies of men.

The stripping business, escorts, Backpage, and pornography, more than likely make up billions of dollars annually.

However, two things happened once the internet became ubiquitous in America:

Tube sites sprouted all over the place, with men having access to their starlets, without having to pay a dime.

Lastly, it gave rise to webcam sites such as CamSoda and OnlyFans.

CamSoda and OnlyFans allows anyone to be an adult star.

It allows one-on-one access to former adult film actresses, Instagram models, and quote unquote brand ambassadors.

I recently came across an article in The New York Times called “How OnlyFans Changed Sex Work Forever.”

One of the top earners on OnlyFans gave a quote that I thought summed up the reason why men invest so heavily in these webcam stars:

“You can get porn for free,” she said. “Guys don’t want to pay for that. They want the opportunity to get to know somebody they’ve seen in a magazine or on social media. I’m like their online girlfriend.”

The article goes on to explain how men pay 5 to 20 dollars a month directly to the woman of their choosing. From there, they’re allowed to see the everyday lives of these women. They tip them or buy gifts for their pseudo-girlfriend to wear on camera.

When I first read this article, and took to creating this blog, my initial instinct was to go into full-blown rant mode, but instead I want to simply ponder a few things.

And I don’t mean rant as in passing judgement on a man’s indulgence in strippers, escorts, porn etc.

A man’s fantasies are his to explore, every man has the right to know what tickles his fancy.

What my issue is, is this:

Has a functioning relationship become so out of reach that we are willing to pay Instagram models to simulate one?

“I’m like their online girlfriend”


Paying an adult star to do things, she probably isn’t doing in her own relationship.

The very concept is laughable.

I don’t know if this practice stems from a sense of entitlement or not.

A mindset that relationships are supposed to be all sunshine and unicorns.

There should definitely be a sense of romance and passion and indulgence.

But more importantly, I want something real.


High Value Men and Women, I want relationships for you that are real in every facet.

Something that you are able to build upon, brick by brick.

Something that you can look back on and be proud you molded.

Spilling your guts to a woman who works a “relationship shift,” isn’t the same as someone that’s going to hold you down 24/7.

I want someone who is going to know my dreams, and my biggest fears, my desires, my strengths, my weaknesses, and is fully invested an all that makes me who I am.

What happened to us as a society?

Has proper interactions with the opposite sex been reduced to mindlessly swiping left and right and paying strangers to show interest in us.

This can’t be what relationships become in the future.

This can’t be the dream we sell going forward.


Weather Your Storm, Maintain Inner Reign -E.

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