The Agitation Business

One of the most important lessons I have learned in the journey of becoming high value, is to protect your capital at all costs.

This not only speaks to capital from a financial perspective, but from an emotional sense as well.

A person or entity that controls your emotional investment, essentially has control of all parts of you.

With that in mind, its strange to see people willing to give up their emotional capital, with little to no regard.

When it comes to us as human beings, we reach certain crossroads where everyone knows the rules and yet we fall for the same tricks.

Politicians knowing what hot button issues to press to make you vote for them, where shortly after they get in office and do nothing.

Buying stock at the height of price when you feel like you’re missing out on profits, then suddenly a reversal occurs, and you’re left holding the bag.

And everyone’s favorite, the ex that knows all the right ways to piss you off, potentially causing you to lose your cool, and subsequently everything else.

All the idioms you’ve picked up over the years: Be patient, think for yourself, buy low-sell high, treat others how you want to be treated.

All that stuff goes out the window when you are faced with certain situations.


The world is designed to play on your emotions.

There is a term for this in the realm of game, called a neg.

A neg, as the word implies, is a situation where you say something slightly on the negative side to the woman you are pursuing.

High value women are used to being told how pretty, fine, and sexy they are. So much to the point that they are numb to it.

You come along and bring to light a subtle flaw, or you challenge her in some way others have not.

You attempt to strike an emotional chord that others do not hit.

An effort to make her FEEL something, even if its insulting or off-putting.

In a sense, the media and various personalities utilize this method, only it has been multiplied 100x and it has become the only way to garner attention.

Nowadays, if you are not saying something controversial, nobody cares.

Its counterintuitive, but we seem to be drawn to the negativity and the views that oppose ours.

We have become a country of world class agitators.

I don’t even believe we do this to learn of views that oppose our own.

We are stubborn and want to feel upset about something.

Even worse, these agitators want to use you and your complaints as a bridge to find their true fanbase.

Free emotional labor.

Granted there are going to be issues that deserve our emotional input. It should be conserved for those matters only.

Becoming high value men and women is one of those matters. It requires conviction, dedication, and an insurmountable amount of focus.

Everything else is just a distraction.

Weather Your Storm, Maintain Inner Reign -E.

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