About Me

My name is Eric Nelson

I started this blog, Inner Reign, because there were underlying premises about society that for a long time I chose to ignore.

Certain truths, after studying sociology and examining past experiences in my life, I knew existed. . .

But I forced those ideas into the catacombs of my mind.

I listened to everyone else’s point of view, performed in a manner deemed acceptable to others.

Then suddenly, several series of bad decisions later, it all clicked for me.

The light bulb had turned on, the experiences became internalized, I knew who I was, and what I was put on this earth to do

The underlying premise I had been fighting against so long, I accepted:

The world is not for you, rarely does anyone have your best interest at heart, and life is a game that if you don’t know yourself, your morals, your values . . .

You will lose, very quickly at that.

I would categorize myself as book smart, but when it came to street smarts, I had to take a few lumps to get it together.

I’m an African-American, grew up middle class in the suburbs of Charlotte, NC.

I love video games, I love comics, love football and baseball, I love finding a new underground artist nobody knows about.

I love freedom, and one’s ability to do things on their own terms.

I love understanding social dynamics and adapting.

I love being the exception to the rule.

I love bettering myself, and most importantly I love to see my peers succeed.

I keep a small circle and I love like-minded individuals that want to progress themselves.

Their lineage.

The society.

I am a work in progress, who is conquering his inner self.

I have learned from many experiences and my goal is to help you in your learning curve, so you don’t make the same mistakes.

Those who conquer their inner storms lead great lives.

I want to leave something on this earth, that helps men and women do that.

Weather your storm.

Maintain your Inner Reign.


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