The Limited Window

A Conversation with Jason

A major source of inspiration that powers the content for this blog, stems from the deep conversations I have with my circle.


I recall speaking with my good friend Jason, while we were still working at Wells Fargo, regarding chasing down opportunities in life.

It funny because, friendships with other gentlemen I’ve met in high school and college, spawned from conversations revolving around typical male sticking points.

Video Games.


Bad Ass Women.

To be honest, our conversations started off the same way, but eventually the narrative shifted; the things we conversed about had grown at the same rate as the growth in our careers.

Well. . . we still talk about bad ass women 😊; however, we began discussing how to develop our resumes, interview techniques, movement in the stock market, side ventures, certifications, logo designs, trademarks.

Our hope and dreams laid out right before our eyes.

As the saying goes, Steel Sharpens Steel (click the link to read my prior blog on the importance of who you hang out with).

During one of our conversations, Jason hits me with one of his patented one liners, which to this day resonates in my mind:

“We have a limited window of opportunity in life to chase after what we truly want, the 9-to-5s will always be here, we may not on the other hand”

Be Ready to Climb Through



In the conclusion of my blog, “The Corporate Game: Personal Brand Equity” I reference an article called “The Quitting Economy” by Ilana Gershon (hyperlinks to both have been included).

I highly recommend you read both articles.

Gershon details the landscape of the corporate world, and how it became to what it is today:  A world that once valued its employees, now values its shareholders above all else, which in turn has engendered a working class made up of passionate quitters, learning skills just to advance to the next job at the drop of a dime.

It is in your best interest to find your passion as quickly as possible, as the world is forever evolving, and you have a limited window to capitalize.

I waited 8 years for a company to recognize my value, to reward me for my loyalty, to invest in my development.

Not adapting to the playing field that has clearly changed.

While others hopped around from place to place, honing their craft, continuing to network, and pursue other ventures.

I don’t want you to fall in that same trap.

Learn what you need to learn and get out. GET OUT!


Go stand in front of the mirror, you see that person, that’s the corporation you represent.

You must do what’s best for that corporation, the corporation of YOU.

Climbing the ladder allows for increased disposable income.

Income which allows for more calculated risk when one is attentive to the economic landscape surrounding them.

Getting into real estate, investing in the market, and even becoming entrepreneurs.

Find your passion.

Strive to be great.

Be High Value.

Weather Your Storm, Maintain Inner Reign -E

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