When to Get In, When to Get Out

Sorry for the long hiatus, but thanks for those still sticking with me.

.     .    .

With our recent nuptials, and birthdays behind us, we continued the celebration on our honeymoon.

Seas days by the pool, buffet tables, dining halls, bars at every level of the boat, and endless blue.

All the elements to make time a non-factor.

The other factor that makes time seemingly standstill: casinos.


I have always played casino video games growing up, but I have never actually gambled for real, for real.

So, my wife and I decided to give it a shot; however, in my increasing age I’ve learned to value my dollars a little more.

As I have mentioned on this platform, A High Value Man must view all things in a business-like manner.

And I am not in the business of losing money.

My wife (get use to seeing this a lot) set aside X amount for the roulette tables, and I set aside Y amount for blackjack.

If we lost it all, that was it, with in the goal that we would stop once we doubled our money.

Once bae doubled her money, it was mine turn and let me tell you, there is a certain rush that comes with having money on the line.

Having 15 when the dealer is up, and you hit and get 20. . .SHEESH. . .  I can see how people go broke through the feeling and ignoring logic.

I was able to double my money as well and walk away with my pride intact.

The whole experience allowed me to make a couple parallels to other aspects in life.

How successful would we be if before we entered an endeavor, we thought about our entry and exit points?

When to Get In, When to Get Out.

Let’s talk through the proper mindset needed to execute.

Risk Tolerance

The first step is finding your floor – What am I comfortably willing to lose, if everything goes to shit.

Depending on the circumstances, your risk tolerance may be large or small.

Let’s take the casino example for instance.

There isn’t a guaranteed form of return of investment (ROI) in a casino.

Casinos aren’t in the business of giving away money either.

However, in the world of securities, there are conservative forms of investments such as treasury or corporate bonds with high credit ratings that boost your chances at a return.

Therefore, diversification of debt and equity securities allows you to protect your investment and better manage your risk floor.

Are you considering your risk tolerance within your career trajectory?

Or the relationship or business partnerships you enter in?

The risk tolerance of my peace of mind isn’t very high and associating myself with those that would allow me to deviate from my path, is not ideal.

The Optimal Result

The key here is to make sure a profit remains a profit.

Never stay in the situation long enough for a reversal to occur.

If your goal was to stay in a role long enough to gain certain skillsets, MOVE once those are obtained.

The department you’re in tells you there’s a ceiling on your mobility? MOVE.

That stock of ABC Corp you been playing long on reaches $215, and you see a new opportunity. MOVE.

You get the point.

Often, we get greedy, instead of being on the lookout for the next great situation.

Complacency and attachments can lead us to not see the changing of the landscape.

That once great job can easily turn into a layoff.

That stock you were once bullish on, can turn bearish if signs are ignored.

That bad chick you knew wasn’t wifey, can have you all screwed up.

Know the situation and adapt accordingly.

That comes from setting the optimal exit point BEFORE you enter.



As rudimentary as this all might seem, you be surprised how many us don’t “look before we leap.”

Life in many ways is a gambling table.

You must know how to surmise the entry and exit points of every situation.

That’s what High Value Men and Women do.



Weather Your Storm, Maintain Inner Reign -E



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