Power (pow·er | \ ˈpau̇(-ə)r).


Possession of control, authority, or influence over others. Ability to act or produce an effect.

It’s a concept I have always been fond of and felt compelled to discuss as its incorporated in pop culture and examined in societal terms.

TV shows on todays networks and streaming platforms show power exercised from a “have and have not” perspective.

The morals and ethics behind show of force is merely an afterthought. Who cares if the source stems from altruism or not?

Let’s use anime as an example, ultimately the ability to make a difference in the plot is rooted in whether you had power.

In “Tokyo Ghoul: Re” a minor character dies in a battle while the strongest character is tied up fighting elsewhere.

The strongest character is blamed when a minor character dies; however, the strongest character replies with the following:

“All the disadvantages of this world are a result of one’s own inadequacies.”

“All of them”

He ends the conversation with, “If you must curse something, curse your own weakness.”

The lesson being taught here is, your ability to affect the outcomes in life lies solely on you.

No one else can be blamed.

The concept of power from a philosophical standpoint was brought up in the movie Matrix: Reloaded.

Morpheus, Neo and Trinity meet with the Merovingian, where the latter begins a discussion on what he believes to be the one, single truth in the world: causality.

The Merovingian believes, “Choice is merely an illusion, between those with power, and those without.”

Man’s greatest obsession is power.

The ability to obtain attention, status, finances, and political influence; which leads to shaping the world as we see fit.

Examining the human psyche for a moment. I truly believe we as humans, love these anti-hero personae.

Gustavo Fring, Tony Soprano, James St. Patrick, Marlo Stanfield. Frank Underwood. Heck even Rick Sanchez.

The anti-hero role has become one of fascination because of our own lack of power.

When real life applications of these fictional actions come to light, the public frowns upon measures they would be tempted to undertake in the same position.

The Other Side

The other side of the coin, regarding power is NOT exercising a show a force when opportunity presents itself.

For this, I can point to my father.

My father is powerful, in a physical scene, and as a child I saw him have moments of miscommunication with society, that could have ended poorly.

But he never acted aggressively, because the more power you obtain, the more you have to lose when things go awry.

I was picked on, had my jeans spit on, the whole 9.

But I knew better, and I feared consequences from my father.

How could I exercise force at school when father never acted that way?

Self-possession is a vital part of being a High Value individual.

Emotions are meant to tell you when something is wrong; they allow you to trace back to the root of the issue, not act out randomly.

So why all this you ask?

When you obtain power, there is a time and a place for everything.

A time for self-possession.

A time for a display of power.

As a High Valued individual, you must choose what the situation calls for and act accordingly.

And when in pursuit of power.

Others are not to be blamed for your inability to obtain it.

Weather Your Storm, Maintain Inner Reign -E

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