Shea Is Bae (Shea Butter) – Product Review

One of the elements of content that I have incorporated into my blog are product reviews.  I want to place the spotlight on small business owners that I have come across, who have created exceptional products and business models that deserve to be recognized across the globe.

My Experience

I encountered a young woman, who’s name is Denell, at my place of employment who had channeled her talents into making Shea Butter.  I told her I was be interested in trying it out, so I met her during lunch one day to pick up her product, and I took it back to my desk.

I opened the jar and the first thing I noticed was how wonderful it smelled. I distinctly remember sitting in my cubical, opening the jar and closing the jar for 10 mins; trying to pinpoint what that enchanting aroma was.  It reminded me of a mint or aloe like scent, yet it’s very distinct from any other skin moisturizing product I had ever tried.


I took it home and placed it on my bathroom counter next to the lotion I had been using, still content with smelling it over and over.  I am the type of person who hates that dry feeling you get after you’ve washed your hands, so one day after washing my hands, I decided to try Denell’s Shea Butter on my hands first.  I said to myself, “If I breakout, or worse, my hands fall off, a woman will still be able to love me”.

I vividly remember her instructions to not use a whole lot, as a modest amount will do the job, and not leave a greasy feeling. Sure enough, she was right.  Denell’s Shea Butter has a light and fluffy texture that went on smooth as I rubbed it into my skin.  The aloe scent was there, but it wasn’t overpowering, and left my hands smooth with a pleasant scent.

My strongest endorsement of Denell’s product, came to me a few days later.  I had just returned from the gym, I shaved and showered and used Denell’s Shea Butter on rest of my body, applying it on my arms, legs, back, chest, and it was the smoothest, most radiant I have ever felt.  It moisturizes and has a soft hold on your skin, and doesn’t feel constricting or messy.  I stood in the mirror just admiring the results of my skin.

Customer Appreciation

One of the most fascinating aspects about my buying experience with Denell, is her unwavering efforts to show her customer base that they are appreciated.

The initial wave of customers that purchased her Shea Butter received a cookie and a thank you note, expressing her gratitude.


The second purchase, she took a picture of her clients, and uploaded them on Instagram.


It’s this level of customer appreciation that has become arcane in our economy and it makes the customer feel like more than just the dollar they provide.  “I love to show my customers that they are appreciated, because without them, I wouldn’t be doing what I love to do” Denell stated.

I am very proud of Denell for making something so wonderful, and I encourage everyone to use this product

Weather Your Storm, Maintain Inner Reign -E

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Instagram: @luvchiile & @sheaisbaemixtress


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