The Power of Moxie

I have been paying a great deal of attention recently, to the ever-present, walking sports headline that is LaVar Ball.


For those who are not privy to sports news LaVar Ball’s son, Lonzo Ball, is a prolific NBA prospect coming out of UCLA that is projected to be a top-3 selection in the 2017 NBA draft.  Over the past few months LaVar, along with his son, have been on every major sport show.  Showcasing his outlandish, gregarious personality; making imprudent comments all while promoting his sports apparel company: Big Baller Brand.


LaVar has demanded major shoe companies such as Nike, Adidas, and Under Armour to partner with his brand if they wanted to sign his son (they all declined), he then proceeds to launch the brand’s first signature shoe designed for his son, charging $495 to consumers.  He has been called a foolish and arrogant man that is costing his son money, while at the same time placing a target on his back.

I recently read a story on LaVar, providing commentary of how he raised his sons to be basketball prodigies, but what interested me more was the background of how he met his wife in college:




While I do see LaVar as a little, unconventional, I certainly don’t think he is unintelligent.  In fact, I think he’s a genius.

Gentlemen . . .LaVar Ball has the primary element you need to become a high value man.


Everything begins and ends, with you having unwavering confidence and self-assurance, in your words and actions.

I examined the line LaVar used on his eventual wife, and there was nothing overwhelmingly powerful in the words themselves, but the article paints a picture, a spectacle of a man using his confidence and aura to display to this woman his high value. Every interview, you can feel his energy, his passion, his belief in himself, his brand, his lineage, his legacy; yes, he makes some absurd comments, but that’s all part of the show. Love him or hate him, he has a personality that you just cannot seem to ignore.

Many people shy away at the prospect of any occupation dealing with sales, why? Because you are putting yourself on the line to be rejected, and nobody likes to be rejected, especially for a living.  But eventually, you must come to the realization that, every major aspect of life requires you to put yourself out there.

Game generally has the negative connotation of approaching women, but to me, GAME is LIFE and LIFE is GAME, and moxie is the fuel needed to excel in this game.

You have to sell yourself in job interviews; employers aren’t hiring a piece of paper to do a job, they are hiring YOU.  YOU must have a certain charisma, to sell yourself and win over people.

If you’re starting your own brand, running your own business, you must have relentless resolve, a determination. Why should someone part ways with their dollars to purchase what you are pushing to the public.

You see the most beautiful girl in the world, walking in the maxi dress or sundress (yes, there’s a difference), why should she give you the time of day?

Specific to approaching women, my results changed when I stopped worrying so much about the perfect words said, and started focusing on the energy behind it, the aura I give off.  I want a woman whom when I am speaking to her, feels my desire, and for it to be authentic.  The vibe in my delivery and projection to be strong, methodical, and confident.

Women can feel it. They can sense uncertainty and the wavering of doubt and nervousness and reciting lines, as if read off a piece of paper, will just come off the wrong way.

Be confident in what you do well, what you bring to the table, added with a sense of moxie, and you will see doors open.


A closed mouth doesn’t get fed.

There have been plenty of naysayers, saying LaVar is just a blundering idiot, a dumb@$$, just trying to stay in the limelight.

That is until he created his brand, and launched his first designed shoe for his son, and celebrities such as Game, went on record saying he’s going to support a man who went against the grain and created his own movement, in a world full of followers.


With each accomplishment, the sheep get a little quieter.

THAT is the power of moxie.


Weather Your Storm, Maintain Inner Reign -E

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