Steel Sharpens Steel

I recently had lunch with an associate that works in my building, to play catch up as a great deal of time had passed, since we’d last seen each other.

She was getting ready to close on a house, bought a new car, and provided vacation spots most frequently visited by her and her family.

The conversation veered to the subject of motivation for attaining success, and she admitted to me the genesis that sparked her rise to prominence was due to the fact she “hated” on others; moreover, people distance themselves when they see their friends becoming more successful than them.  “The basis of success, begins with hating on someone else”, she stated.

I was somewhat taken aback, by her theory.  Let me preface this by saying, whatever motivation one must create to further their progression, I say go for it.  I want people to succeed and if it takes adopting a certain frame of mind to do so, then I’m all for it.

But when I think back to the people I have seen reach their goals, I can’t say that I have ever felt any sort of ill-will, envy, or jealousy in my heart.

I don’t have a large circle, but the friends I do frequently talk to are more than friends . . .I call them “brother” or “sister”.  I feel honored when they can speak to me about what they want to achieve in life.  Their hopes and dreams, their endeavors, and in turn, I tell them what I have been working on, what I wish to eventually leave and create for my lineage.

It’s great to have those types of like-minded, highly ambitious individuals in your presence.  Those of you who have followed by blog thus far know the impact my uncle has had on me, as well as my best friend Jason. I have many others as well. . . cut from that same cloth.

I remember a few months back, a conversation I had with Jason, detailing what I envisioned for Inner Reign, which led to the creation of this post.

“Man, you’re definitely keeping me motivated”.

I replied, “Hey, you were the one that motivated me in the beginning, when we spoke about trading and the importance of individual efforts outside of the 9-5”.

I finished by saying, “at this stage of life, it’s great to run into people who understand the greater mission, people you run into and you say ‘this guy gets it”

Jason ended the conversation with, “it really is, steel sharpens steel”.

Steel Sharpens Steel.


There is no better way to put it; being around other goal-oriented people can only benefit you.  You can hold each other accountable; engender an environment within your friendships that foster growth, vitality and consistency.  Being around these positive influences will motivate you, and in a sense, provide you with a friendly rival.

I’m proud of my uncle and all that he has achieved, he has set the bar extremely high. Why would I hate on him? No. . . I want to achieve on that same level, and eventually surpass.  My friend gets a promotion, moves out of the state? Wonderful, take a look at my resume, here’s how I respond to certain interview questions, maybe he or she can help me polish the personal brand I present to the world.


As the adage goes, “You are who you hang around”.

In this journey, as I have aged and grown wiser, I have realized the importance of being around individuals who want to progress, further themselves in knowledge, and wealth.  Those who want to further their lineage, further the society.

These bonds forged in the fires of life, will create mettle and resolve, strong enough to cut through any difficulty



Weather Your Storm, Maintain Inner Reign -E

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