The Last Lesson: A Bird Leaving the Nest

I often think about the last piece of advice I’m going to give to my son, as his time living under my roof comes to an end.



I know that I will always see my son as the toddler he is now, no matter how big he gets. I will always be there to give him the information he needs from an advisory perspective, when he reaches adulthood, simply because he is going to want to conduct himself as he sees fit, and I can only hope my teachings hold firm.

I recollect the experiences I had with my father, and I ponder what advice I wish I had when I was 18, that I want my son to have when goes off to college or moves out to pursue his dreams.

As my child develops from infant to adulthood, I want to instill in him the foundation of a socially intelligent, functional member of society.

I want him to be loving, to be kind, to have compassion towards other human beings.  For him to understand the importance of community, the fruit bore from the planted seeds of hard work and effort.

I want him to exemplify all these characteristics; however, I also want my son to have the best life he possibly can. I want him to understand the importance of empowering himself for the lineage.

I want him to be High Value.

So, the last lesson I will give to him is this:



Unequivocally, Undeniably. . .selfish.

You see gentlemen, we do a huge disservice to our children once they become adults.  We teach them from birth till the time they leave to be these sweet, and innocent individuals; knowing all the while, the world doesn’t play by those same rules, that everyone else doesn’t follow the same letter of the law.

Virtuousness is the standard to exist, but shrewdness is essential to thrive.

This isn’t to say that; our children should be paranoid to the point they don’t speak to anyone.  The point I am making is that every individual is made up of several underlying components (culture, education upbringing) and with those components, forms a person’s agenda.

An agenda that, although may not be wrong, also may not best suited for your child.

My child must know that everything up until the moment he leaves from my care was a trial run, no mistake too big to be covered up by the haven of mommy and daddy.

That has come to an end.

Life is a series of causes and effects.  You look at an individual’s life, and I can pinpoint 5 decisions that led them to where they are now.

Therefore, for his sake, for the sake of his future and the sake of the lineage, he will be told to put his interest first.

To surround himself with like-minded individuals who thrived from their respective situations

To exhibit guile and allow people to show their true selves first before being showered with your investments

To be sure before you decide to help or “save” anyone, they are attempting to help themselves at the very least.

You more than likely won’t be appreciated, so walk the path to success, solo.

Plenty of people have good intentions but haven’t you heard the saying, “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.”


Have you ever read the animal fable, “The Frog and the Scorpion”?


Frog is attempting to cross a river, then a Scorpion comes along asking if he can ride on his back.

Frog expressed concern of drowning, when the Scorpion reassures him if he stung the frog, they would both drown.

Frog decides to carry the Scorpion, and halfway across the river, the Scorpion stings the Frog, and when the Frog asked him why, the Scorpion replied. . .

It was in his nature to do so. . .

God willing, my son will not fall victim to another’s nature. . .

Keep in mind the essentials that have been taught to you . . .but bear in mind the world is cold


Weather Your Storm, Maintain Inner Reign -E

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