Men’s Style/Fashion: Accessories

Accessories are a very underrated piece of men’s fashion and style.

They are considered minor in the grand scheme of fashion; however, it is often the minor details that brings together a certain aesthetic.

A wallet, a watch, handkerchief, pinky ring, tobacco pipe, money clip. . .these seemingly little differences can often tell the most about a person.


The items could be a family heirloom, or something a man has picked up during travels around the globe.

Each item, tells a story about our journey of self-discovery, depicts our identity . . .as High Value Men.

4f1c6f1f1597a2194d4c0d35cd51da43--bracelet-men-men-braceletsAs far as visible accessories, there must be a balance; less is more being the general rule.

Too many necklaces give you too much of a “Mr. T” look; moreover, too many rings can give off a feminine vibe as well.

Don’t Get Carried Away  . . .


Personally, I enjoy scarfs, beads, and trinkets.  I routinely go to Aldo, and check out what they have; in the past, I have worn anchors and shark teeth, I couldn’t tell you why, it just enchanting in a sense.

Aldo. A great place to look for complementary pieces

Bullet Jab

In Relation to Game . . .

Knowing what Inner Reign seeks to implement, you know there is a tie in to approaching women.

The greatest strength that comes with accessories, is that you ALWAYS have an opener; additionally, if you so choose to be riskier with the accessories you wear, women can even open you with conversation.

This is a form of “peacocking”, another tactic used to separate yourself from the field to illustrate being a man of interest, a man of High Value.

The earliest concept of this was written in Neil Strassus’ “The Game”; Mystery would wear ostentatious attire, very rock star-like: feathered necklaces, platform boots, top hats. . .


It got to the point that, where he could screen women through his clothing. . .a brilliant strategy to say the least.

I am not saying a man must go to that extreme, but at the very least, it can make for great conversation.

When I would go out, and notice a woman with a similar anchor piece like mine, it was like child’s play.

The anchor is now retired (one drunk night a woman got carried away, snapped it)


It’s nothing to bring up accessories in conversation, whether it be garnering a woman’s opinion, or inquiring where she got her own.



Whether it be for fashion/style or for game, seriously consider adding accessories to your repertoire.

It can go a long way in the journey of a High Value Man.

Simple But Effective. SICK


Weather Your Storm, Maintain Inner Reign -E

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