My Introduction into Men’s Style/Fashion


Inner Reign has established that an individual must have an aura/presence that exudes confidence, to maintain the frame of a High Value Man.

While this is a great foundation to have, this alone won’t be enough to pull the upper echelon woman of your dreams or create an overall fulfilling lifestyle.

It is well documented in the world of the “man-o-sphere”, that there are three additional components, in order to truly be high value:

  1. Maintaining Your Physique
  2. Financial Abundance
  3. Incorporating A Sense of Style/Fashion

Of the above components to becoming High Value, Number 3 is the most fun and the easiest to fix.

Many men believe that one must have financial abundance in order to incorporate a sense of style to your wardrobe, but I assure you, there are numerous cost-effective articles of clothing that you can add to your arsenal.

Inner Reign believes that there is no blanket way of dressing as a man.  Your fashion sense, your wardrobe, should reflect your brand as an individual, much like the way you approach women should reflect who you are as an individual.

The rest of this piece will delve into the introduction of knowing your style, your physique, and playing off the strength and weaknesses of your physique; the sooner you can implement these concepts and master then, the more in tune you will be with your High Value self.

College Windbreakers and Graphic T-Shirts

Growing up I never really cared too much about clothing or fashion.  I grew up in a middle class blended family where the importance was placed on value, and not what was trendy or expensive at the time.

I remember all four years of college all I ever wore were my football travel windbreaker, jeans and graphic tees.

Not to say there is anything wrong with graphic T-Shirts (in fact check out the Inner Reign Collection Online Store to purchase our branded shirts), but I knew once I got into the working world, that wasn’t going to cut it.


Shortly after I graduated from undergrad and moved back home, I picked up a couple of books on the subject of men’s fashion: “Gentleman: A Timeless Guide to Fashion” by Bernhard Roetzel and “Nordstrom Guide to Men’s Style” by Tom Julian.


Gentleman is a more in-depth, all-encompassing view on the male appearance, from the way your beard should be groomed, to formal wear, even underwear.

Although Gentleman contains a wealth of knowledge, I preferred Nordstrom Guide as it compacts relevant information on suits, sport coats, and casual wear while considering a person’s individual style.

“Know Yourself”

Nordstrom Guide had two introductory topics that I felt were paramount to address in this blog post:

  1. Style Type
  2. Body Type

Style type is broken down into four categories: Luxury, Classic, Contemporary, and Trendy.

Luxury meaning you care more about the quality and craftsmanship of your clothing.

Classic meaning you care more about value, and piecing together essentials pieces and creating your own.

Contemporary meaning you have a more modern approach to fashion.

Trendy meaning that fashion is art, this individual makes risk taking look easy.

An individual can be all 4 of these, or one or two.  I started off in the classic category, and to be honest, I continue to gravitate towards that lane.  I love how combining basic pieces can really separate you from the crowd.

The staple outfit of the workplace is collared shirt, and khakis (jeans on casual Friday); and one aspect of Classic that I enjoy putting to practice in fall weather, is throwing on a corduroy sports coat with a pocket square over my collared shirt or polo.

Simple makes a statement too.



Challenge yourself to find which style works best for you.

The second thing you should consider, when augmenting your wardrobe is your body style.

Again, Nordstrom Guide breaks this down into four areas: Compact, Broad, Athletic, and Lanky.


Being able to play off the strengths and weakness of your body type, can be the difference in giving off the right vibe and confidence in your appearance and just looking awkward and uncomfortable.

An athletic body type is going to want more form-fitting clothing, where as a lanky person has to be mindful of attire that drapes over their figure.

I have a more broad physique.  I am 6’4, well over 300 lbs., with larger arms, chest, back and shoulders than the average man.  I carry a little more in the stomach area too, but again that’s something I must be aware of.  I want clothing that gives off my power.

I want to walk into a room, and my clothing be a representation of the strength I possess in my upper body, while subtlety draping the midsection.

The goal here is to not appease everybody.  Everyone isn’t going to be in love with every physique and style type, and that’s ok.  Your sense of style and fashion should be a reflection of your identity, which will in turn attract the right type of attention.


Make your style your own.

It should be a part of your brand, that you present to the world.

If you can incorporate the confidence and aura/presence needed to approach women, and synchronize your mastery of attire for your body and style type; you will be a monster, with few unable to part from your enchanting charm and will.

Weather Your Storm, Maintain Inner Reign -E

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