A Higher Code

Lately I’ve been thinking about the percentage of people who rise above the rest of the population to become successful.

Not just financially, but spiritually, emotionally, and within their respective communities.

While I believe one of those differences is simply the ability to act on calculated risks, where others do not.

The other is critical in setting the foundation for an individual’s continued success: Accountability.


What holds a person accountable to continue to succeed?

Does this accountability stem from primary groups?

Surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals?

Does it stem from tough times, overcome by the grit to never return to them?

Self-made mantras?


It’s not for me to judge the motivation, but I recognize it and respect it.

It takes an immense amount of strength to not only uphold said principles, but to have the discipline to adhere to them.

A higher code.

It is what places these select few as High Value.

It’s lonely at the top for a reason . . .


It is why ambitious individuals continue to ‘chase it’; failure doesn’t deter them, and success doesn’t lull them into complacency.

It is why they live the lives that others only dream about.

When I first started this brand, this movement, my friend Jason played devil’s advocate regarding the varying thought of what ‘success’ is.

“What if success to someone is working at 7-11, coming home, smoking weed and living at home with momma?” I recall him saying.

It broke my heart to think there were people out there who were limiting themselves to this ceiling.

I want everyone to remove such inhibitors.

Find that higher coder to adhere to.

That code that won’t let you return to your past.

That won’t let you return to mediocrity.

This is the road to being High Value.


Weather Your Storm, Maintain Inner Reign -E

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