“As you discover what strength you can draw from your community in this world from which it stands apart, look outward as well as inwards, Build bridges instead of walls.” – Chief Justice Sonia Sotomayor


Nice Loners.


That was the anagram for my name, that I created.

This was because for the longest time, I had always embraced the ability to survive on my own.

My father felt that it was paramount that a man be able to stand on his own two feet.

“Its ok to turn down things”

“When you turn eighteen, you can’t come back here. . .you got to make it on your own.”

I often turned to those mantras as a source of strength.

There was power in being reclusive.

There was resolve in solitude.

Sovereignty in being sequestered.

A lesson in survival became the blanket methodology for dealing with people.

“Asking for things means owing someone.”

“They didn’t scratch my back, so why should I scratch theirs.”

Those lessons rang in my head constantly, and in my darkest hour; I burned a lot of bridges, disconnected from friends, and stayed away from family because of mistakes I had made in my life.

I told myself I didn’t need anyone else.

I was going to find myself a woman and build my new primary group from there.

Indeed, a man should be able to hold his own in any environment.

However, there remained a part of me that was unfulfilled; something that couldn’t be cured with game and romance.

As much as I wished to cling to my introverted ways, there something about connecting with the right collective that warms your soul unlike any other feeling.

I’ve rediscovered that feeling recently.

A feeling of acceptance when you aren’t perfect.

A unity that comes from joining like-minded sects.

High Value Men need a strong community to thrive as well.

Individuals that talk to you about everything from real estate to investment options, even down to what razors you shave with.

Most importantly, they support decisions and deem you worthy of investing their time into you.

I’ve been binge watching power lately and I love when Tommy is talking to Holly about introducing her to his family.

Holly asks if he means his mother.

Tommy says no. MY FAMILY.

Power 2014

There is a HUGE difference.

I remember seeing a meme once with Rick and Daryl from the Walking Dead on it that said: Blood makes you Related; Loyalty makes you Family.


While I am grateful to those related to me, who have instrumental part in raising me.

I believe I have a greater appreciation to those in my life post-high school graduation.

I have had people who entered my life and made more of an impact in months, than some people I have known my entire life.

Pay attention to the people that treat you well, who have no sort of obligation to you.

That is your tribe.

Your community.


Weather Your Storm, Maintain Inner Reign -E




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