Embrace Functionality

My guilty pleasure is Moleskine notebooks.


I love everything about the Moleskine line from the leather feel, to the quality of the pages, to the cloth ribbon that holds your place from the last time you jotted.

There is just an archaic charm that comes with a Moleskine notebook; you unwind in a quiet place and just unload every thought and feeling.  A student of the greatest teacher of all: Life.

Remember the cartoon Doug where he would start off segments with “Dear Journal”?


The thing is, with the progression of time, come enhancements that augment routines.

Every since I discovered OneNote at my job, I rarely use the Moleskine notebook anymore.

I can create endless tabs, with endless sections, and because of cloud technology I have all those notes on my phone wherever I go.

I no longer have to go to the store when I run out of pages, I don’t have to try to hunt down missing notebooks.

I don’t have to guess if my investments notes are in book 1 or 30.

It’s all at the push of an app icon.

It may not have the old-fashion, luxury feel of putting ink on sheets.

But its functional.

I’ve come to value the functionality that comes with the advancement of times.

This realization got me to thinking how much progression has upgraded our needs.

There was a time when staying at one company for 30 years was looked at as noble, a sign of loyalty, rewarding.

Today staying too long at a company may stunt your growth, it could lead you to being stuck in a department awaiting displacement.

Mobility is in.

Technology has brought the world to us, without having to step a foot outside; food, medicine, packages, compared to older generations who walked miles for supplies.

The anecdote about Moleskine vs OneNote, had me questioning maybe. . .just maybe. . . we’re holding on to what no longer serves a purpose, instead of embracing what is functional.

I can’t speculate on what that is in your life.

But I’m sure you know.

The point of this blog is to get you to embrace adaptability.

Standing ahead of the curve in all areas.

What departments in your life do you need a fresh approach?

I recently purchased a Moleskine notebook and planner from Target at the beginning of the year, to see if I could get that feel back.

I haven’t written a word in either.

Weather Your Storm, Maintain Inner Reign -E.

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