The Most Important Lessons Dating Has Taught Me

The grocery shopping experience.

When you’re younger you have no refined method for the process.

You just know you need food, because the cupboards are bare, and the situation in the fridge is looking pathetic.

So, you go into store.

You see the employees or brand representatives passing out free samples, so we try a few.

You’re placing everything that looks good into the cart.

Then you get to the checkout line, and the total adds up to be more than what you bargained for.

Or maybe, when two weeks have passed, what you thought looked good, you found out you didn’t really need.

Or the fruit that looked good when you picked up, turned out to be bruised and damaged.

Yup . . . this is synonymous with dating alright.

The individuals you thought were too good to pass up, come to find out you should have just left them where you saw them.

Too expensive, not what you thought they’d be, damaged and spoiled.

But as time passes, we become pros at grocery shopping.

You know how to scout the sales papers.

You’ve clipped your coupons.

You have a list of what you need.

You know your budget.

You know how to inspect for bruised fruit.

My High Value Men and Women, let this be your refined process for dating.

  1. Be Filled. . .With Standards

We’ve all heard the advice telling us to eat before going to the grocery store, right?

Because what happens?

We end up wanting everything in the store and putting a lot of items in the cart we don’t need.

Everything in the cart isn’t necessarily what we need at the time.

We end up spending more than we intended, or maybe we end up throwing out stuff or what we thought looked good at the time turned out to be gross.

However, when we come to the store having substance within us, we are more focused on what we came in for, we spend more modestly, being more mindful about what we put in our carts.

Dating works the exact same way.

Although everything in the store looks appetizing when we are starved, we soon realize aligning ourselves with the wrong people just costs us time, and energy; eventually throwing out what should have never been in the cart in the first place.

How do we not enter the dating world starved?

Be filled with your standards.


Entering the dating world with standards keeps you grounded.

It keeps you humble.

It means you won’t accept anything that comes your way, no matter how appealing the packaging may be.

High Value Men and Women go into the realm of dating focused and prepared, knowing what they came from.

  1. Always Believe What’s Shown

The presentation of a brand is vital to a consumer, and companies are aware of this.

Companies guard their reputations at all costs.

Because they’re aware of the repercussions of public opinions.

Public opinion can be unforgiving, and I tend to be the same way.

I never forgave Chipotle for numerous times they had to close down for constant outbreaks.

Or AIG when it paid out bonuses when it took government bailout money.

If you don’t care about your brand and what you present to the public, then why should I?

I took this lesson with me into the dating world, and never looked back.

Stop wondering why people didn’t pan out.


I stopped wondering, why Person A was a poor communicator?

Why Person B lacked ambition?

Why Person C wasn’t affectionate?

If their brand didn’t live up the standards, I moved on, simple as that.

I always believe what is shown to me, no matter the entity.

  1. Treasure the Experiences

The great thing about dating is, it can actually tell you more about yourself, than it can the other person.

It can used as a measure stick.

To tell you how far you’ve come when faced with similar situations.

Once you’ve gotten to a point of self-mastery, dating no longer becomes such a daunting task.

Stop putting so much pressure on yourself.

What’s meant for you, will reveal itself.

Stay true to who you are, and just take it all in.


Happy Shopping 😊


Weather Your Storm, Maintain Inner Reign -E.

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