The Way We Mourn

It’s over with now.

Words spoken that cut deep like a sharpened blade, or actions that create a heart that scorned.

Let me show you the way us millennials mourn.

Ghosting is the easiest way, just a clean break with the click of a button.

Or maybe bread crumb ‘em to death, let them think they’re getting a chance they never really had in the first place.

Three strikes? Absolutely Not.

You get one shot. Buzzer-beater.

As soon as you mess up, I’m moving on.

No need for communication, no need to be adults about, I don’t have time to teach you what I need.

I don’t know who’s to blame.

Maybe my parents, who always saw me as an obligation, if it weren’t for laws, they would’ve cut ties with me a long time ago.

So, now those actions I saw with my own eyes, are imbedded in me.

Now anyone can get it.

Bad branches, they get removed, limb from limb.

Guess the apple didn’t fall so far from the tree.

Friend, prospect, girlfriend, family member, co-worker.

Grab the gasoline, spark up.

The bridges that we burn, we place in urns.

I’ll pay my respects another day.

Your Facebook profile becomes a tombstone.

I’ll drop a few flowers before it turns into a “In remembrance” page.

They say success is the greatest revenge.

I’ll exceed that three times.

Every step forward is in spite of you, every ladder climb, a “fuck you” in your direction.

Perhaps I’ll see you around some day.

Perhaps, I’ll stare so hard it burns a hole through the wall.

Or perhaps, I wont even look at you, just smile, because in actuality, you don’t even exist.

You were dead to me a long time ago.

Every victory achieved, becomes the dirt that covers your coffin ever deeper.

The regret for whatever pathetic timeline you moved on to.

Now when you actually die, there will be no reason to go to any funerals.

No need for well wishes or condolences to the family.

You were already dead. . .so long, long ago.

This is the way we mourn.

elegant woman dressed in black hiding with umbrella

Weather Your Storm, Maintain Inner Reign -E.

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