The Year We Will Never Forget

I would think that every generation goes through a wide-scale event that changes their lives forever, for better or for worse.

And I believe this COVID-19 pandemic, is that signature moment for many of us.

Now I know this disease has affected the globe in different ways, so this is not meant to offended anyone who has lost someone close to them or has endured economic hardships. 

This is strictly to examine my lens since the pandemic started and others who have experienced something similar.

Those who have read any of my material, know how I have always tried to be a beacon of motivational energy, to encourage others to be the highest value individual possible.

Me and countless other platforms have been on this wave; however, it is difficult to stay on that wavelength when one gets constantly lost in their routine.

I, like many of you, woke up in the morning at 4am. Starting the day off before the sun even breaks the horizon.

Gym (5am). Out the door for work (7am). Work (8am-5pm). Dinner/Spouse time (6pm-7/8pm) Blogging/Studying/Reviewing Stocks (8pm-10pm or later).

Go to sleep and do it all over again the next day. I am sure this schedule is more hectic for those of you with children and their extracurriculars.

The routine sweeps you away. To the point where you wonder if the life you have been striving for is even obtainable.

And then boom. . . suddenly it all stops.

In March we were all told to leave the offices and to work from home. Do not leave the house unless absolutely necessary.

No more gym, no more 1-hour commutes listening to sports talk radio, no more date nights, no more taking the kids to practice.


Suddenly, the routines stop, and we all get a taste of it. A taste of what we all have been striving for.

A little more control of the time in our lives.

Time dedicated to just everyday monotony, begins to deviate into more important areas.

People are taking RISKS for their freedom and it is beautiful to see.

People of all generations are suddenly using this time to chase their endeavors.

The stock market drops 30% allowing millennials to invest for the first time.

Not a promotion for Robinhood, just proud of my millennials

People are starting their own YouTube channels; finance-based ones are booming.

Men and women across the nation are creating LLCs.

People are taking RISKS for their freedom and it is beautiful to see.

We will look back at this year and all the craziness that it brought for sure.

But I think what we will remember most about 2020, is how it created the foundation that set us up for the rest of our lives.

Weather Your Storm, Maintain Inner Reign -E.

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