Despair Is A Feeling Worse Than Fear

I recently watched a think piece from a YouTube channel called Screened, which was discussing the rise of Korean horror films compared to its American and Japanese contemporaries.

One of the key points that sparked the inspiration for this blog, is fact that American horror has suffered in recent years because they have placed their emphasis in cramming as many cool looking kills into a film as possible, coupled with a few tense moments leading into jump scares.

The problem is these moments are fleeting.

Fear is somewhat of a roller coaster ride. There is a buildup leading up to the event, it happens, and then you get over it. Jump scares alone do not equate to great movies.

However, the area Korean horror movies excel in is creating a feeling of despair in their films.

Korean films are able to put you at ease, lull you into a false sense of security, allowing you to fall in love with the character and the environment.

All in order to lead you into a black hole of hopelessness. The main character finds themselves in a position with no options left and it leaves a lasting impression on the viewer.

When hearing this analysis, I could not help but draw parallels to the way people take risks in their lives.

I believe we as people, would rather relive the “fear” of failing over and over, rather than face a reality of despair.

Its feels better to prolong an endeavor because it feels like you have “options.”

I can start this business whenever I want, save money whenever I want, write this book whenever I want. Lose weight whenever I want.

The roller coaster ride that comes with the fear of trying something, but ultimately never doing it.

Again. . .and again.

However, despair is a much heavier feeling.

Parasite (2019) does a good job of creating that feeling

Despair denotes an ominous event that comes to fruition; the inevitable truth that a negative outcome is unavoidable.

It is human nature to avoid these circumstances at all cost, whether when addressing our own mortality, as well as our individual journey to success.

In America especially, we pride ourselves in overcoming; in proving people wrong.

Options give you that chance, which makes the fear of failure so compelling.

Despair is the end of said journey.

Despair on the path to success is game over, that the masses were right about us.

I am here to tell you today. Fail.

Fail quickly.

Failure allows you to tweak and reinvent faster and faster each time.

Not only that, even if you’ve determined that a particular path is not for you, failing can often put you on the path to what you ultimately should be doing.

But you never will come to those conclusions if you never jump out of your chair and take those chances.

Take risks. Before the fear of failure becomes inescapable despair.

Weather Your Storm, Maintain Inner Reign -E.

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