Saving Money Won’t Save You

I was perusing Twitter over the weekend, when I came across this interesting tweet.

It was regarding a couples accelerated growth in their stock portfolio.

I’m sure many of you reading this, lived in households like mine.

You had mothers and fathers who put in 50 or even 60+ hours of work a week, but when something outside of the everyday budget was called into question, what was the solution?

The answer was to cut back.

You had to touch the thermostat a little less, or not eat out as much.

If you never had to heat your house with the oven, don’t talk about struggle

Something seen as a luxury at the time had to be subtracted.

While I am grateful for the lessons that going without can teach you, one thing it does not do for you is better your situation.

You must understand the system in front of you, to change your mindset on wealth creation.

We live in a world where governments can readily decrease consumer buying power, through replication of fiat (paper) currency.

That, combined with the steady rise of prices across the board due to inflation, puts you in bad spot.

Saving money won’t save you.

The hierarchy of growing wealth goes like this:

The development of skill leads to increase in income, which leads to asset appreciation (buying and holding real estate, stocks, crypto, precious art, etc.)

That’s the way it has been done by those who are High Value.

Going without and saving in hopes for a better life will only leave you miserable and stuck in the same place.

Years ago, I was in the lowest place I had ever been financially.

I was divorced, credit in shambles, had my child to provide for, and contemplating if I should live out of my car for a few years to get back on track.

Through the grace of God, I had no other option but to boss up.

I went and got a master’s, a certification in an emerging field, and got myself promoted three times in three years.

With the increase in my income, it had changed my life in a way that ‘cutting out the cable bill’ just wouldn’t have done.

We must get to a place where our money makes us money. 

Taking a second job is great, but trading small hours for small dollars isn’t going to cut it either.

I am not even suggesting you have to go back to school, to get where you need to be.

‘YouTube University’ is the perfect place to learn whatever you have an interest in, from coding, to trading/investing, or even starting a channel yourself.

THIS is the time to take a calculated risk.

In this era, there are just too many ways to generate wealth.

It’s either in you or it isn’t.

But if you’re reading this, you are in the right place.

We are on the cusp of one of the greatest transfers of wealth ever.

Millennials are beginning to invest for the very first time thanks to the last dip in the market.

Last, but certainly not least, cryptocurrencies are here. 

The great equalizer for all.

But for now, change your mindset.

Saving alone isn’t going to get you where you need to be.

Weather Your Storm, Maintain Inner Reign -E.

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