Just Be Observant

It was quitting time.

I was waiting by the elevators in my new khaki’s and collared shirt I had just bought  from Belk; black Nautica pea coat and new messenger bag in tow.

While I stand there listening to the dings of the elevator, a young woman from another department walks up and she searches her person for an umbrella.

“Mall or Plaza,” I customarily uttered, as all co-workers did who already pressed their desired floor.

“Plaza,” she replied.

The elevator doors open to take us to the bottom floor, and I extend my hand forward indicating her to go first.

As she stepped on, I noticed she had on Sperry boots. It was an interesting design; the material looked like what would be rain boots, but they also had a denim look that rose mid-ankle.

“I didn’t know Sperry made boots, those are pretty dope.”

duck boots

My wife bought me boat shoes made by Sperry last year for the summer, and I guess that’s what made me strike up the convo.


The young woman’s eyes lit up, and we proceeded to have a 5-minute conversation about Sperry’s. How comfortable they are, how many she keeps at home and by her desk, etc.

As I walked back to my car, I couldn’t help but laugh at the ease of social interactions, in a world that seems to be growing ever so dissociative due to technology.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is the essence of game.

I’ve gone away from this topic a bit since I got married, but I owe it to impart my wisdom onto the next generation of men and women.

I believe when many people think about running game, in the traditional sense, they think about having pick up lines, witty things to say in the DM, and even executing acts of flamboyance.

When I started out, I was doing those things too.

But one of the fundamental principles of game, and social intelligence in general, is being observant, real-time.

Human beings are a paradox by nature.

We’re quick to tell someone they don’t know us, yet we leave clues in our attire, our conversation, social media.

Waiting for the right person to pick up on the clues.

A High Value Man should be able to pick up on those cues.


Shoes, accessories, and clothing are low hanging fruit.

Game thrives off open-ended conversation.

How’s a woman supposed to engage with a man who only says she looks attractive?


Its starting to get warmer out, instead of staring down the chick in the sundress, maybe ask her what’s the difference between that and a maxi?

Game is for the bold, for the brazen.

And most importantly, the observant.

Weather Your Storm, Maintain Inner Reign -E.

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